Deliver Context-Aware Services

Enhance Productivity & Profitability with Context-Aware Applications

An application gives you one view of the world, but no enterprise can afford to view its business through a single lens. You need diverse and flexible views that generate new perspectives. You need to understand the players—your customers, employees, partners—and the context in which they act, whether that’s ordering products, delivering services, or accessing resources.

Leveraging Context From Across All Your Applications

Within their silos, you have many good examples of context-aware applications within your enterprise. For instance, your CRM or accounting package are both deeply contextual, linking users and their attributes and activities to deliver personalized services. However, these applications are quite rigid, as well. While they can deliver context from within their own siloed domains, they aren’t built to reach across silos to layer in other relevant intelligence about people and their relationships or activities.

Enabling Pull for a New World of Context-Aware Services

Now you can free identity and context using a powerfully flexible approach. With RadiantOne FID virtualization, you can pull information from application silos, while retaining the critical knowledge from within each realm. You can link identities and contexts across your silos for infinite new perspectives into your vital business data—performing aggregation on demand and creating the views that are most beneficial to your venture. By connecting and leveraging time, location and resources, your data is now infinitely richer.

By delivering identity and context as a service, RadiantOne FID makes it easy to aggregate cross-silo context on demand. For example, you could gather data from sources beyond your CRM to deliver a fully contextual view of customers, including their social and professional networks and your company’s relationship with them, so that you can offer the most appropriate service. With RadiantOne FID, you can easily search and update data from across multiple applications, using plain English sentences. This unlocks a new world of potential services, each driven by context from across your enterprise, each helping you to become more productive and profitable.

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