The Year in Identity: What Did We Learn?

Gary Rowe, CEO and Founding Analyst at TechVision Research, joins us to reflect on 2022 as the Year in Identity—and where we see Identity going in 2023.

  • Wednesday, December 7, 2022
  • 43 Minutes
  • On-Demand Webinar

The Year in Identity: What Did We Learn?

TechVision and Radiant Logic have been stating for years that IAM is the most important element of a Digital Enterprise program, and we are starting to see greater buy-in to this premise; 94% of companies including identity programs as part of their strategic investment strategy.

Now, fresh off the TechVision Chrysalis Conference that brought together 30+ legends in Identity Management, Security and Privacy, we’ll review conference findings, enterprise recommendations and strategies to best execute on your future-state IAM program.

In this webinar, Gary Rowe discusses key IAM inflection points, areas to prioritize in 2023 and pragmatic advice for building your IAM program the right way.

A few topics we address:

  • The Dynamic Identity Model
  • IAM and your Zero Trust program
  • Governance—Still the #1 Trend?
  • Dealing with Uncertainty


Gary Rowe

CEO, Founder and Principal Consulting Analyst at TechVision Research

Gary Rowe, CEO and Principal Consulting Analyst for TechVision Research, is a seasoned technology analyst, consultant, advisor, executive and entrepreneur. Mr. Rowe helped architect, build, and sell three companies, has been an identity management thought leader for 30+ years and was President of Burton Group from 1999 to 2010. He is also the co-author of the Future of Identity Management research report.

Wade Ellery

Field Chief Technology Officer at Radiant Logic

Wade has extensive experience in enterprise IT direct and channel software, and services, sales and management. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in enterprise IAM, IGA, risk and compliance and IT security challenges.

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