How DORA Will Affect Your Company’s Compliance Posture

Discover how automated user access reviews, like Identity Analytics by Radiant Logic, can quickly ensure compliance to DORA regulations. Get prepared for the January 2025 deadline with efficient risk management processes.

  • December 6, 2023
  • On-Demand Webinar
  • 26 Minutes

How DORA Will Affect Your Company’s Compliance Posture

The European Digital Operational Resilience Act, or DORA, adopted in November 2022, establishes a framework for strengthening the resilience of financial institutions, particularly banks and investment firms, when faced with risks related to information and communication technologies, including those related to identities and user access.

The first step in securing a company’s network and information system is to find out who has access to what and how, who granted access, and whether or not the granted access is legitimate. Some companies operate without established processes, while others rely heavily on manual procedures. Adopting automated user access reviews can help companies quickly and efficiently answer the regulatory directives posed by DORA while eliminating the time-consuming and costly methods currently being used to tackle these issues internally

Identity Analytics by Radiant Logic can be implemented and deployed so that the first automated user access reviews can be done within weeks rather than months or years. As the DORA compliance deadline is January 2025, it’s time to gear up and add automation to processes that highlight risk and other anomalies now scrutinized by the European Union.

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • The key principles of the DORA Act
  • How RadiantOne’s User Access Review functionality can greatly speed up your time to compliance
  • What steps you will to take to be compliant by January 2025


Khadija El Afrit

Sr. Technical Enablement Specialist

As a cybersecurity senior consultant, Khadiga El Afrit contributes to IAM, IAG and Data Protection projects for major corporations & institutions. She especially focuses on understanding their business & organizational context, in order to help them choose the solutions that are most suited to them.

Leanne Debeurre

Product Marketing Manager

Leanne Debeurre is an internationally experienced Product Marketing professional with an extensive comprehension of today’s global business challenges and their solutions.

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