Day One Ready: Identity Data Fabric as the Foundation for an M&A Playbook

Join Radiant Logic as Chief Customer Officer, Dieter Schuller, shares his 20+ year experience in the identity market, and how CISOs can equip their teams to drive M&A&D success in their organization.

  • Wednesday, January 18, 2023
  • 15 Minutes
  • On-Demand

Day One Ready: Identity Data Fabric as the Foundation for an M&A Playbook

Mergers and acquisitions present an opportunity to accomplish multiple business goals at once—achieving growth, adding gains in operational efficiency and workforce productivity, and offering more value to customers at the end of the process. But, they often fail to realize their expected value.

Join this concise webinar to learn the top causes behind M&A failure, how to avoid mistakes inherent to the traditional way of integrating businesses, and the new approach your IT department can use instead to ensure repeated M&A success.

Discover the benefits of the Identity Data Fabric approach to merging, acquiring, and divesting entities with Dieter Schuller, Chief Customer Officer with Radiant Logic, who shares how to:

  • Achieve quick time-to-value through Day One readiness
  • Avoid impact to existing infrastructure or end-users
  • Reduce technical debt in the process
  • Set the stage for future success with ultimate flexibility


Lauren Selby

Product Marketing Manager

Lauren Selby is a seasoned Product Marketing Manager on the Radiant Logic team. She has been instrumental in the Radiant Logic marketing strategy for over a decade, making the technical accessible through marketing leadership and skilled technical communication.

Dieter Schuller

Chief Customer Officer at Radiant Logic

For over 25 years, Dieter has been helping enterprises discover technology solutions to solve business problems. As Chief Customer Officer at Radiant Logic, he works with customers to harness the full value of their identity data to solve complex business challenges. Dieter joined Radiant in 2001 from Orbit Commerce (acquired by Digital River), where he developed a comprehensive sales and channel program that included direct sales, resellers, and partners. Prior to Orbit, Dieter was Vice President of International Sales at PLATINUM technology. Before being acquired in 1999 by Computer Associates for $3.5B (the largest software acquisition in history to that point), PLATINUM was a $1B systems software and services company with over 30% of their revenue attributable to the international markets.

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