RadiantOne VDS

Traditional Virtual Directory and Proxy Technology, Evolved

The RadiantOne Federated Identity and Directory Service is the only solution that can take you all the way from lightweight identity aggregation with our VDS to complete integration with RadiantOne FID.

An evolution of traditional virtual directory technology, RadiantOne VDS is perfect for your proxy-based projects and can be easily upgraded to RadiantOne FID as your needs evolve. VDS aggregates multiple identity systems into a common namespace and access point, so that access is federated into a common logical root, and security requests are proxied to the appropriate subsystem.

VDS is ideal for authentication against a set of identity sources with no overlapping populations where the data and format of underlying systems match application requirements. In these environments, the Standard Edition federates identity to provide an identity hub that greatly simplifies authentication and authorization, while maintaining the backend data stores as the authoritative sources.

RadiantOne VDS federates identity to provide an identity hub that greatly simplifies authentication and authorization

Benefits of RadiantOne VDS include:

  • Fast deployment: The Standard Edition is designed to fit in and work with your existing infrastructure to create an integrated view of your homogenous identity stores
  • Flexibility: The Standard Edition can create a federated identity hub that provides a single place for applications to query for authentication and authorization
  • Performance: Because it’s based on virtualization, the Standard Edition boosts the efficiency of your identity infrastructure
  • Seamless Upgrade to RadiantOne FID: The Standard Edition belongs to the same product family as RadiantOne FID. When volume and complexity increase and you need to evolve your system, the path to a seamless upgrade is already in place.

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