Key Capabilities

Performance Powerhouse: A Full LDAP v3 Server That Outperforms Any Other Implementation*

When deployed in a cluster, only our Big Data Directory, HDAP, lets you:

  • Scale quickly and easily. To greatly increase throughput in a matter of minutes, just add nodes to an HDAP cluster
  • Add speed as you add nodes. RadiantOne Big Data Directory scales linearly and more nodes means greater speed and throughput. So three nodes delivers more than 100,000 queries per second and the speeds only increase as you add nodes.
  • Deliver high performance—even in write-heavy scenarios. Traditional LDAP is fast for reads but drops dramatically in service—at times to denial-of-service levels—when you introduce backend updates to the scenario. HDAP, on the other hand, remains above 40,000 queries per second, even when there are lots of updates.
  • Maintain stability and performance for rich queries. The Big Data Directory’s advanced search capabilities are built for complex queries and partial substring searches, maintaining speed and stability when searching for unique and non-unique attributes.

*All results based on tests between HDAP and a best-of-breed industry LDAP


  • Download our HDAP, RadiantOne Big Data Directory, overview paper.