RadiantOne CFS

RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service: Your On-Premises IdP

One Hub to Securely Link Cloud Applications with All Authentication Sources, Including Multiple AD Domains and Forests

The RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service (CFS), powered by identity virtualization, is the latest component of the RadiantOne suite. Together with RadiantOne FID, CFS delegates the task of authenticating against all your identity stores to one common virtual layer—and shields your external and cloud applications from the complexity of your identity systems.

RadiantOne FID virtualizes the authentication, validating the user against a variety of sources—including multiple Active Directory domains and forests, LDAP, databases, and web services—then CFS acts as a secure token service (STS), gathering the requested attributes and building an encrypted claim in the form that the application understands. CFS is a Microsoft-certified, third-party SSO provider and can securely deliver claims to many of today’s mission-critical applications, including Office 365, WebEx, SharePoint, Google Apps, Salesforce, and Jive.

While RadiantOne FID is compatible with any IdP, CFS enables a secure federated infrastructure and creates one access and audit point to connect all your internal identity and authentication sources to the growing world of cloud applications.

RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service

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