RadiantOne FID: Now Available At Two Directory Storage Price/Performance Points

Our flagship offering, RadiantOne FID includes a powerful identity integration layer based on our patented identity virtualization technology, as well as HDAP, our big data-driven LDAP V3 directory store. From a tactical point solution for legacy LDAP replacement to a complete enterprise-wide identity integration and directory service, our solution allows you to deploy a scalable, future-proof solution at the most competitive pricing point. These options make RadiantOne FID the most versatile product on the market, designed to meet your identity infrastructure needs now and well into the future.

RadiantOne FID is available in two modes, with a seamless upgrade path between the two:

  • Active-Passive Mode: This entry-level configuration enables rapid directory migration and modernization, making it easy to move away from aging LDAP infrastructures—and their costly maintenance bills—without the need for custom coding or endless project timelines.
  • Cluster Mode: This high-level configuration delivers an infinitely scalable, enterprise-wide identity and directory service with powerful functionality to enable directory provisioning and synchronization to the cloud, cloud directories, and external web apps.

Explore RadiantOne FID’s Complete Federated Identity and Directory Service

RadiantOne FID features three products designed to solve your toughest integration challenges, combining the best of enterprise, meta, and virtual directories to deliver a federated identity and directory service:

  • RadiantOne FID: RadiantOne FID marries enterprise-grade reliability and security with intuitive point-and-click configuration to deliver smarter authentication, richer authorization, and super scalability with HDAP, the RadiantOne Big Data Directory. With its advanced virtualization technology, RadiantOne FID delivers a global view of identity that unifies your existing identity investments for faster deployments, lower integration costs, and increased flexibility.
  • RadiantOne Identity Correlation and Synchronization Server (ICS): Built on RadiantOne virtualization technology, ICS provides two key services to your identity infrastructure: object synchronization and identity correlation.
  • RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service (CFS): CFS is the identity provider at the heart of your secure federation infrastructure. By generating claims based on your identity data, CFS makes single sign-on possible for all your users across their applications.

RadiantOne Global Architecture

RadiantOne FID is the only IAM, CIAM, and IdM solution purpose-built to scale alongside your business, integrating with your evolving infrastructure

We also offer an upgraded version of the virtual directory for proxy-based authentication projects:

  • RadiantOne VDS: If your underlying infrastructure is not complex or heterogeneous and you don’t have user overlap, RadiantOne VDS is the perfect evolution of traditional virtual directory technology, aggregating multiple identity systems into a common namespace and access point—and can be easily upgraded to RadiantOne FID as your needs evolve.

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