It’s Much More Than a Name Change. VDS is Now FID.
We are very proud of the concept of the virtual directory server (VDS) that we invented and established many years ago. In fact if you are reading this paragraph, it’s probably because our acronym “VDS” came to represent the virtual directory category. Defined as a lightweight solution based on a “proxy” model, the virtual directory was a good tactical point solution at the time, but many new constraints and challenges have been added to identity management systems since then.

Today’s identity systems must address two conflicting trends:

  • the multiplicity, heterogeneity (LDAP, SQL, APIs), and distribution of authoritative identity sources
  • the need to present a common global view of identity to applications, no matter where they are—on premises, on the web, or in the cloud

In response, we’ve evolved and modified the architecture over the years—in a dramatic way. We’re calling our new architecture a federated identity service based on virtualization. Our product, RadiantOne FID, is an advanced identity service that leverages our patented identity virtualization technology and offers real-time synchronization, identity correlation, and directory storage. RadiantOne FID not only combines identity information from local sources, but normalizes and generalizes it into a global service for full identity integration.


RadiantOne FID acts as an abstraction layer between applications and the underlying identity silos. Virtualization protects applications from the complexity of backends.

Solving the Challenges of Identity Integration

Successful identity management projects, including CDI initiatives, all require a flexible, scalable identity infrastructure. Inevitably, business needs and integration requirements evolve. That’s why choosing a platform that can adapt and grow with your organization is essential to deploying reliable, cost-effective services. RadiantOne’s full-spectrum identity service is the only IdM solution purpose-built to scale alongside your business, integrating with your evolving infrastructure.

Explore RadiantOne’s Complete Federated Identity Service

RadiantOne features three products designed to solve your toughest integration challenges, combining the best of enterprise, meta, and virtual directories to deliver identity as a federated service:

  • RadiantOne FID: RadiantOne FID marries enterprise-grade reliability and security with intuitive point-and-click configuration to deliver smarter authentication and richer authorization. With its advanced virtualization technology, RadiantOne FID delivers a global view of identity that unifies your existing identity investments, for faster deployments, lower integration costs, and increased flexibility.
  • RadiantOne Identity Correlation and Synchronization Server (ICS): Built on RadiantOne virtualization technology, ICS provides two key services to your identity infrastructure: object synchronization and identity correlation.
  • RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service (CFS): CFS is the identity provider at the heart of your secure federation infrastructure. By generating claims based on your identity data, CFS makes Single Sign-On possible for all your users across their applications.

RadiantOne Global Architecture

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