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Make your Identity Data Cloud a reality

Transforming identity data into a business accelerator—just got quicker. Securely deliver identity data how and where it's needed, from your new cloud command center.


Cloud-first? Meet cloud-native

Our SaaS offering is built to deploy quickly and streamline configuration, management, and upgrades—while carrying forward all of RadiantOne’s innovations in identity data management.

Speed time-to-value

Save time implementing, updating, and managing. Get your instance of RadiantOne up and running in minutes.

Minimize resource requirements

Our fully-managed SaaS offering reduces the resources required for deployment, configuration, and ongoing management.

Simplify ongoing management

Classic SaaS benefits—no hardware or software required, with zero installation or maintenance fees—since everything is managed by Radiant Logic.

Improve security posture

Our single-tenant deployment ensures there is never any sharing of data, software, or services.

“RadiantOne 2023 offers a new way to manage identity data in the enterprise, giving you the ability to manage all of your identity data in one place.”
-John Pritchard, Radiant Logic's Chief Product Officer

RadiantOne SaaS: Cloud-native, fully-managed offering

We took all the benefits of RadiantOne—operational efficiency gains, faster time-to-value for identity projects, enhanced security—and made them easier to realize via cloud delivery.


Environment Operations Center

Easy-to-use interface for managing, configuring, and monitoring multiple environments and on-prem agents. Offers creation, deletion, backup, and restore capabilities as well as advanced system monitoring, reporting, and administration.

Reliable, scalable, consistent deployments

RadiantOne environments can be deployed in minutes with standardized and simplified instance management and control capabilities. Additionally, ongoing management and maintenance requirements are minimized with automated upgrades.

Isolated environments + stringent access control

RadiantOne provides observability metrics and network communication in a fully secure environment. Access to RadiantOne is secured through delegated administration, and data can be encrypted in transit and at rest.

Highly available and resilient service

Single-tenant deployment offers high performance and availability. Environments are self-healing, auto-scaling, and configuration management is provided at the application and infrastructure level.

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Hybrid is our middle name

Integration has never been easier. Our cloud-native platform makes integration with other SaaS offerings simple and seamless. Plus, an on-prem agent supports hybrid architectures seamlessly.


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Explore our components and capabilities to see how to put your identity data to work.

  • Federated Identity

    Step 1: Slay the silos. Our virtualization layer unifies identity across disparate stores, for seamless application access. Step 2: Build the views. Quickly deliver an array of app-specific perspectives into your identity.

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  • Universal Directory

    Upgrade your infrastructure with our Universal Directory, the ultra modern way to store and access identity information. It’s highly scalable, fault-tolerant elastic computing that’s containerized for distributed identity storage.

  • Global Synchronization

    Stay in perfect sync across all sources and endpoints, whether they’re on-prem, in the cloud, or across clouds. Global sync uses bi-directional connectors to propagate identity and maintain coherence across enterprise systems

  • Identity Observability

    Gain deeper insight into identity data quality and IAM system efficiency with Identity Observability. Automated assessments deliver the right information to the right stakeholders to boost data quality and improve security.

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  • Identity Analytics

    Identity Analytics, delivered by Brainwave GRC, helps organizations to make informed and automated decisions based on in-depth and easy-to-understand analysis of identity and access rights.


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