What are Entitlements? 

Entitlements, also known as authorizations, privileges, or permissions, are IT access policies used to manage access to data, devices, services, and applications. They define what a given identity (such as a user, role, or group) is authorized to access and do. Entitlements systems can help automate workflows, access assignments, reviews, and expirations as part of an identity management system.

What can we use Entitlements for?

Entitlements are used to create access workflows, processes, rules, and guidelines as part of a larger identity management and governance process. Enterprises can use them to manage identity and access lifecycles more efficiently and securely. Entitlements help automate access request, assignments, reviews, and expiration processes by introducing entitlement standards that can be applied across large user groups, systems, devices, and more. They can also optimize the unification of identity data across systems, devices, and networks.

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