RadiantOne VDS

RadiantOne VDS: The Engine of Your Federated Identity Service

RadiantOne VDS delivers a global view of identity on top of your previous identity investments, for faster deployments, lower integration costs, and the flexibility you need to navigate changing business requirements. With RadiantOne, virtual directory technology has evolved into an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade solution for stronger authentication and richer authorization. VDS turns the toughest identity integration challenges—often unsolvable even with custom coding and complex configurations—into cost-effective, non-disruptive, risk-free deployments.

Product Highlights

  • Integrate identities into unified profile views based on multiple application contexts across heterogeneous data sources, including directories, databases, web services, and applications. This provides a central access point for all LDAP, SQL, and DSML-enabled applications across security domains and AD forests.
  • Delegate authentication to appropriate sources, using source-specific security means, to address authentication challenges in highly disparate and multi-domain environments.
  • Create custom views of multiple objects to build global identity profiles for fine-grained authorization, personalization, and other security initiatives.
  • Unify heterogeneous identity data sources into an enterprise directory with guaranteed availability and high performance.
  • Speed deployments with powerful new wizards that walk you through the most common identity challenges.
  • Administrate from anywhere with the enhanced VDS Control Panel, which offers web-based remote access from anywhere, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Offer guaranteed performance and availability with RadiantOne’s sophisticated persistent cache, which scales to millions of users without sacrificing speed—while keeping identities updated via real-time or periodic cache refresh.

Standard Use Cases

  • Map disparate sources to appropriate protocol: Depending on its needs, applications see the VDS as a directory, SQL database, or web service.
  • Integrate user profiles across multiple heterogeneous sources (LDAP, SQL, web services, and applications). Enable authentication across different security domains using each domain’s specific credential checking methods.
  • Build different hierarchies and contextual views of identities to satisfy the requirements of your applications.
  • Aggregate and integrate groups and roles across different trust systems.
  • Provide high-performance searches of materialized hierarchical views across multiple databases.

Two Versions that Scale with Your Needs

RadiantOne VDS is a sophisticated virtualization platform designed to address the complexity of today’s identity environments. It comes with two licensing options, both of which share many of the advanced capabilities outlined  here.

VDS Standard Edition advances virtual directory technology from a proxy-driven routing and remapping engine to a model-driven virtualization solution that can solve many of today’s identity challenges.

VDS Context Edition delivers all of the benefits of VDS Standard Edition, as well as SQL access, contextual views for more complex attribute-driven authorization and personalization, and real-time cache refresh.