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The economic benefits of an identity data management platform

Over three years, the composite organization received the following benefits from RadiantOne:

Million Saved
Return on Investment
Month Payback
Efficiency Increase

We’ve said it for years, now we can prove it: Forrester TEI reports cost savings as a result of identity data transformation

Forrester Consulting completed in-depth interviews with five customers and calculated the cost savings that a composite organization realized from implementing our Identity Data Platform. See the benefits of identity access management using RadiantOne: measurable difference in complex IAM environments, accelerating digital transformation, speeding M&As, delivering Zero Trust and more.

Reduced Costs
Increased Agility
Enhanced Security


Complexity slows roll-outs and stops progress

Incompatible legacy stores, identity sprawl, inefficient IAM processes—no wonder it’s so difficult to enable the latest innovations.

Legacy architectures can’t flex to the future

While the data remains relevant, it’s difficult to retrofit aging systems to meet modern requirements.

Essential identity data is siloed and sprawled

With attributes scattered across disparate sources, hard-coding brittle connections costs too much time and money.

IAM processes demand too much staff time

Teams spend their days integrating, provisioning, and syncing identity data, instead of focusing on higher-level projects.

Innovation takes a backseat to repetitive effort

There’s a real cost to all that manual and custom work—your team won’t have bandwidth for big picture value-added projects.

Radiant Logic gives us all the functionality that we need, all the tools and capabilities necessary for us to engage in a substantial digital transformation.
–IAM Lead, interviewed in The Total Economic Impact™ of Radiant Logic

One platform, massive impact

The benefits of RadiantOne’s identity and access management solution include reducing costs, boosting business agility, enhancing security, and improving user experience.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Radiant Logic

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