FID Virtualization & Integration Layer

RadiantOne FID: Powerful Identity Virtualization and Integration

RadiantOne FID turns the toughest identity integration challenges—often unsolvable even with custom coding and complex configurations—into cost-effective, non-disruptive, risk-free deployments that scale according to your needs.

  • Integrate identities into unified profile views based on multiple application contexts across heterogeneous data sources, including directories, databases, web services, and applications. This provides a central access point for all LDAP, SQL, and DSML-enabled applications across security domains and AD forests.
  • Delegate authentication to appropriate sources using source-specific security means, to address authentication challenges in highly disparate and multi-domain environments.
  • Create custom views of multiple objects to build global identity profiles for fine-grained authorization, personalization, and other security initiatives.
  • Unify heterogeneous identity data sources and store in HDAP, our RadiantOne Big Data Directory.
  • Speed deployments with powerful new wizards that walk you through the most common identity integration challenges.
  • Administrate from anywhere with the enhanced RadiantOne Control Panel, which offers web-based remote access from anywhere, including smartphones and tablets.

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