RadiantOne FID

Now Available in Two Modes for Faster Deployments, Lower Integration Costs, and the Flexibility to Navigate Changing Business Requirements

Our flagship offering, RadiantOne FID includes a powerful identity integration layer based on our patented identity virtualization technology, as well as HDAP, our big data-driven LDAP V3 directory store. While RadiantOne FID still features the same advanced integration capabilities we’ve long been known for, this solution is now available at different levels of directory storage. From a tactical point solution for legacy LDAP replacement to a complete enterprise-wide identity integration and directory service, RadiantOne FID allows you to deploy a scalable, future-proof solution at the most competitive pricing points. These options make RadiantOne FID the most versatile solution on the market, designed to meet your identity infrastructure needs now and well into the future.

  • Active-Passive Mode: Migrate and modernize aging LDAP infrastructures without the need for custom coding or endless project timelines with this tactical version.
  • Cluster Mode: Scale up easily to enable directory synchronization to the cloud, cloud directories, and external web apps with this strategic version.
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