Report: KuppingerCole Executive View — RadiantOne

Radiant Logic’s Federated Identity Suite—It’s Not Your Father’s Directory

Author: Martin Smith of KuppingerCole

With all the innovation in other components of the IAM stack, it’s easy to dismiss the directory of user identities as simply a repository. Yes, it should be reliable, it should have an LDAP interface and it should be secure, but basically it’s just a database. This dismissal is shortsighted, however, as it ignores the potential of the directory to serve an integrating function that maximizes the value of one of the most critical assets of today’s large enterprises: their diverse collection of identity information.

This “Executive View” document from KuppingerCole addresses how the RadiantOne federated identity and directory suite goes beyond the standard directory, and instead creates a “single source of truth” about identity data in even the most complex hybrid enterprise. It provides an important building block at the center of an integrated identity management capability.

Download this complimentary “Executive View” report to learn more.