Case Study: Retail Chain

Moving from Static to Dynamic Groups

A Federated Identity and Directory Service Introduces New Flexibility and Reduces Manual Customizations for CA SSO

For one office supply giant, managing groups had become a huge headache. Although its entire authentication system depended on groups, the identity team spent much of its time and budget dealing with a cumbersome, homegrown system that was very difficult to expand. With more than 3000 static groups, the team was spending all its time trying to maintain secure access and make sure these static groups were up to date. Team morale was low and team members were leaving, since they had to spend all their time customizing code to keep the system working securely. Although the team reached out to CA to engineer a better solution, the scripting cost was too high. A new CIO inherited this mess and began looking for better ways to solve this problem and enable CA SSO to work seamlessly—without the need for any more custom coding.


Retail Chain