Case Study: Insurance Industry 2

Transforming the Digital Experience for Customers

Global Insurance Group Makes Logins Easier Across Hundreds of Sites

One major insurance group had more than three hundred websites worldwide, each with its own site ID, as well as registration and authentication methods. The identity team was also grappling with more than a hundred disparate data stores on the backend. This diverse array of systems made for a complex and confusing authentication process for the company’s 1.8 million agents, corporate users, and customers. Since each site controlled its own process, it had long been difficult to impose a more uniform login experience. The company estimated that each of these sites had at least 10,000 users, with 500,00 users relying on the top five sites. The team knew that it needed to streamline the process for all users—but especially for customers, who had increasingly higher expectations of a seamless, friction-free experience.


Insurance Industry