Case Study: Healthcare Industry

One User, One Identity, One Password

RadiantOne helps healthcare giant simplify logins, dramatically improving users’ single sign-on experience.

A large integrated healthcare consortium’s identity infrastructure had two major sources for identity information, an LDAP Enterprise Directory that included all employees, contractors, vendors, and partners, and a single AD domain that also contained all employees. Each data store required its own set of user names and passwords, creating frustration as employees had to log in twice and remember separate unsynched passwords to access the applications they needed. To address this challenge, the consortium initiated a new program that they called “One User, One Identity, One Password.” The goal sounds simple. However, the consortium spent years and millions of dollars trying to achieve it, and still found themselves without an adequate solution—until they decided to try best of breed offerings. That’s when they found our federated identity service based on virtualization, RadiantOne FID.