Directory Modernization with hassle-free migration

RadiantOne’s Directory Migration module makes it easy to replace legacy LDAP with our future-enabled storage—and no disruption.


Seamless directory consolidation and migration

Easily upgrade from legacy LDAP with Directory Migration, then take advantage of superior performance and scalability with our Universal Directory.

Decommission costly and outdated legacy LDAP

Add lasting agility to your identity infrastructure by replacing legacy LDAP with a cost-saving directory modernization solution.

Streamline directory migration and modernization

Advanced virtualization and bi-directional sync capabilities make migration a smooth process that can be done at your own speed.

Transform and replace with zero downtime

Migrate away from aging LDAP directories with tools to analyze, design, then deploy without disrupting the existing infrastructure.

Store data for much less than old-school LDAP

In the past, migration has been expensive and time-consuming. With RadiantOne, upgrading is fast, flexible, and way less costly.

We had tens of thousands of accounts at the first migration—and there was not a hiccup in that process.
-IAM Analyst, Financial Services

Directory migration made easy with powerful capabilities

The Directory Migration module helps you analyze your current system, design and test your desired structure, and upgrade to Universal Directory.


Analyze requests to understand the existing structure

Acting as a proxy between your directory and the application layer, RadiantOne can log and learn client requests and responses. Once all the dependencies have been identified, it’s easy to remodel the system to deliver the desired outcome.

Virtualization helps you define new hierarchies

After analyzing your environment and the needs of client applications, metadata discovery (attributes and relationships) and enhancement (data mapping and analysis) are the next steps, using RadiantOne’s intuitive point-and-click tools.

Shield applications from change while you phase out the legacy LDAP

With RadiantOne, it’s easy to play “what if,” tinkering with the model of your LDAP system without disrupting its functioning—until you’ve designed the perfect system and you’re ready to completely decommission your older directories.

Do cutovers at your own pace

Ensure that each application will get exactly what it needs and make any changes easily at the virtual layer. RadiantOne allows you to keep the existing directory in place while application owners can cutover at their speed and on their own timeline.

Come see our Directory Migration module in action


If you’ve got an LDAP v3 compliant directory, we’ve got you.

Ready to make the move? We’re here to help. Evolving has never been easier.


Customers love how we upgrade the infrastructure

Migrate and replace an aging directory without disrupting business operations.

Big ROI: Vendor fees and complexity reduced, 12 legacy directories retired
In our organization, leaders think it’s magic.
-North American Energy Producer
52% of the Fortune 50 Trust RadiantOne
I could see how I could solve my two biggest problems.
Global Pharmaceutical Enterprise
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Top 31% of Financial Services Choose RadiantOne
Our team no longer wastes years of coding time or millions of dollars in maintenance and fees.
-Global Canadian Bank
55% of Top Manufacturers Rely On RadiantOne
RadiantOne added agility across our entire identity infrastructure to greatly reduce the costs and complexity.
-Large Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Discover the complete set of RadiantOne modules

RadiantOne can take you from the simplest to most advanced use cases, all with one platform. Find out which modules can solve your challenges.

  • Federated Identity

    Step 1: Slay the silos. Our virtualization layer unifies identity across disparate stores, for seamless application access. Step 2: Build the views. Quickly deliver an array of app-specific perspectives into your identity.

  • Universal Directory

    Upgrade your infrastructure with our Universal Directory, the ultra modern way to store and access identity information. It’s highly scalable, fault-tolerant elastic computing that’s containerized for distributed identity storage.

  • Global Synchronization

    Stay in perfect sync across all sources and endpoints, whether they’re on-prem, in the cloud, or across clouds. Global sync uses bi-directional connectors to propagate identity and maintain coherence across enterprise systems

  • SaaS Deployment

    Our SaaS offering is built to deploy quickly and streamline configuration, management, and upgrades—while carrying forward all of RadiantOne’s innovations in identity data management. Securely deliver identity data how and where it's needed, from your new cloud command center.


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