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Radiant Logic Total Economic Impact Study Demonstrated 239% ROI and 80% Increase in Efficiency

Radiant Logic, the Identity Data Fabric company, today released the results of a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study by Forrester Consulting examining the potential return on investment of deploying the RadiantOne Intelligent Identity Data Platform. The study underscored common identity management pain points such costly legacy solutions, overly complex processes, and a limited ability to work on value-added projects. By deploying RadiantOne to address these challenges, a composite customer achieved a 239% ROI on the initial investment (totaling $20.3M over three years), with technical debt reduced by $9.2M, operational efficiency improved by 80% by year three, and risk of a data breach reduced by 25% by year three.

“Many organizations don’t realize how much of a business inhibitor identity data is until they start to run into meaningful problems. Our customers use the power of RadiantOne to unify identity data and harness it to drive progress and innovation across the entirety of their organization,” says Joe Sander, CEO of Radiant Logic. “Our platform transforms the most complex environments and produces unprecedented flexibility, which leads to agility and speed-to-market across multiple areas of the business. This study quantifies a number of the ways Radiant has helped our customers solve big problems, and deliver significant business results in terms of cost and labor savings, reducing regulatory risk and technical debt, and improving efficiency and time-to-value.”

Before using Radiant Logic, interviewees reported difficulties working with legacy technology, complex architecture, data redundancy, disparate directories and databases, and tools that provided limited support and flexibility. The inability to access identity data was a recurring roadblock to deploying new applications and responding to business needs, leading to ineffective repeated processes and high opportunity costs.

Based on extensive data from four companies and one defense agency, the TEI study documented that RadiantOne improved business agility, enhanced user experience, and enabled new business initiatives—and paid back its investment in under six months.

A principal IAM architect in the hospitality industry interviewed in the study reported:

“Radiant Logic has enabled us to release products and services much faster. The agility and flexibility that Radiant Logic provides has helped advance our innovation-driven objectives. Radiant Logic has increased our velocity and time-to-market.”

According to the study, the composite Radiant Logic customer also experienced the below benefits, in addition to achieving a 239% ROI:

  • $9.2M reduction in technical debt over three years
  • 25% reduction in risk of data security breach in year 3
  • 10 Full Time Employees (FTEs) annually that did not need be hired or contracted
  • 80% operational efficiency gains for engineering and other teams
  • 60-80% faster time-to-value for new features and products
  • 25% reduction in the time required for audit preparation in year 3
  • <6-month payback time

By deploying Radiant Logic, engineering resources are freed from the burden of legacy infrastructure maintenance, to deliver new products and services to market faster.  At the same time, leaders can move projects forward without adding additional headcount, allowing resources to be redeployed to focus on revenue-generating initiatives like digital transformation.

A director of IAM in the healthcare industry told Forrester:

“Radiant Logic has enabled us to swiftly onboard new M&As (merger and acquisition) into our identity system. The manual process that used to take months is now streamlined and takes only days.”

Methodology: To develop the study, Forrester interviewed five Radiant Logic customers, identifying the benefits, risks, and outcomes they experienced while using the company’s RadiantOne Intelligent Identity Data platform. Forrester’s (TEI) consulting practice develops business value justification analysis to help organizations understand the financial impact of a technology investment. The TEI methodology has been used for over 20 years by technology organizations. It consists of four components to evaluate investment value: cost, benefits, flexibility, and risk.

Read the full TEI study now.

About Radiant Logic

Radiant Logic, the enterprise Identity Data Fabric company, helps organizations combat complexity and improve security by making identity data easy to use, manage, and protect. The RadiantOne Platform turns identity data into a strategic asset, enabling organizations to improve decision making, accelerate innovation, and minimize risk.

Built to overcome identity sprawl and technical debt, RadiantOne unifies identity information from disparate sources across legacy and cloud infrastructures to create an authoritative data pipeline that drives: Zero Trust Architectures; merger and acquisition integrations or divestitures; access, authorization, governance & administration processes; cloud migration initiatives; customer identity and access management; directory modernization efforts; and more. It’s a radically simple approach.