Securely Deliver a 360 Degree Identity View of All Your Users

RadiantOne FID offers a complete Federated Identity and Directory Integration Service for mission-critical initiatives. By isolating applications from the complexity of backend sources, and drawing upon contextual information, RadiantOne FID delivers a unified view of your customers, employees and partners.

Rationalizing Your Identity Infrastructure through Virtualization: Solve your toughest integration challenges.
Delivering an Identity and Context Service: Provide smarter security, better services, and breakthrough data management through virtualization.

A Buyer’s Guide to Identity Integration Solutions: Get the blueprint for how to evaluate virtual directories, from use cases and technical parameters to the five questions you should ask yourself before choosing a virtualization solution.

The Second Wave: Linking Identities To Contexts. Learn why context is important and how you can benefit from it.

Learn about HDAP, the Big Data LDAP Directory Storage Behind the RadiantOne Federated Identity Service: See how you can leverage the power of HDAP, RadiantOne’s LDAP v3-compliant Big Data directory, to improve the speed and scalability of your WAM and federation deployments.

Federated Identity based on Virtualization: A Complete Solution for the Identity Integration Challenge: This webinar will show how a Federated Identity Service based on virtualization keeps identity at the center and provides you with a complete, flexible system for virtualizing, rationalizing, storing and delivering the different views needed by your applications.

Adopting and Deploying a Federated Identity and Directory Service in Your Enterprise: Meet New Demands, Serve Legacy Applications, and Evolve Your Aging Directory Infrastructure.