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Thanks for your interest in ADAP—a REST interface for LDAP! We are excited to offer this community edition and welcome any feedback you may have at

We are offering a “user-friendly” version of ADAP, designed for the general public, and will soon be providing the source code for developers. ADAP is still in its early stages. Radiant Logic is in the process of contributing this code via Contributor License Agreement (CLA): Apache 2.0 in a Kantara Initiative Identity Relationship Management work group. We do not offer support for this version.

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    With ADAP (Adaptive Directory Access Protocol), web and mobile applications can tap directly into directory sources that support the LDAP V3 standards, including: Oracle/Sun Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, Open LDAP, ForgeRock OpenDJ, OpenDS, Novell NDS eDirectory, Red Hat Directory, IBM Tivoli, and RadiantOne HDAP. ADAP means greater flexibility for cloud, web, and app developers and extends business capabilities when it comes to accessing traditional directory sources.

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