Federated Identity & Virtualization for the Public Sector

Strong Authentication, Smart Authorization, and Secured Cross-Agency Collaboration

Today’s federal mandates require strong authentication and credentials—including PIV cards, CAC cards, and other forms of multifactor authentication—but many legacy applications can’t handle these requirements. At the same time, the right people need access to the right resources—and nothing more. Fine-grain access control demands a complete, enriched profile of each user. Unfortunately these critical attributes are locked in multiple identity silos inside or across agencies, making it difficult to create the rich views you need for the highest levels of security.

Radiant Logic’s agency-tested federated identity and directory service based on virtualization offers a plug-and-play solution that works with all of your existing identity sources. This secure identity hub powers the attribute-rich views your applications require to protect your key assets—all without fundamentally reinventing your identity system.