Gartner IAM 2012

Gartner IAM Summit 2012

Location: Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, NV
Date: December 3-5, 2012

We’re excited for the Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit 2012 in Las Vegas! This show is always a great opportunity to get together with old friends, meet new ones, and get down and dirty with the topics that are at the core of your business—new and inventive ways to manage identity in the continually changing world.

SSO’s Dark Secret: You Can’t Get It Without Federated Identity

On Tuesday, December 4, Radiant Logic’s Jordan Phillips will discuss the dark secret behind SSO—and what’s standing between you and seamless single sign-on. The truth is, many companies don’t realize that their federation solutions won’t work without a federated identity layer behind them. Attend this discussion to learn how a federated identity service delivers real, measurable advantages to companies in the Fortune 1000, including:

  • Enabling SSO across federated applications despite scattered identity data sources
  • Creating a single point of access that serves all applications, speeding deployment
  • Paying for itself 3 times over in its first year in use by a leading software company
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SSO’s Dark Secret: You Can’t Get It Without Federated Identity

What is a Federated Identity Service?

For a short introduction to federated identity, be sure to check out this slick four minute video:
What is a Federated Identity Service?

Why a Federated Identity Service Guarantees Immediate ROI

Many IAM projects demand a similar solution, but not the exact same solution, so you have to customize, customize, customize, for each similar-but-different project. Due the extensive customization involved, solving any of these problems can be a major pain, time-suck, and expense without the proper tools. The RadiantOne solution boosts your ROI by providing one flexible identity access point for any number of IAM challenges, saving you a ton of time and energy.

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