Webinar: O365 & Cloud Access 3/20/2014

Office 365 and Beyond: You Can’t Have Cloud Access without a Consolidated View of Identity

According to Gartner analyst Nick Nikols in his latest report, Preparing your IAM Environment for Working with Azure AD and Office 365:

“Organizations looking to adopt Microsoft Office 365 will need an identity and access management infrastructure that supports a consolidated view of Active Directory (AD).”

Without a consolidated view, you can’t deliver Office 365—or access to all those cloud and SaaS apps.

Watch Nick Nikols as he illustrates the challenges and solutions for deploying Office 365 (as well as Windows Azure AD, ADFS, and Dirsync) within the current enterprise directory infrastructure, and explore the RadiantOne Federated Identity Service for cloud access with Lisa Grady from Radiant Logic.

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Radiant Logic - Webinar Webinar: Consolidating Identity for Office 365 and the Cloud