Training: 11/8/2021

RadiantOne Training Sign-up

If you just want to get an introduction to the RadiantOne FID including some hands-on experience with the configuration tools, Day 1 of the three-day FID course is all you need. Day 1 addresses common use cases showing how FID can work for you and how to design this service to suit your needs.

For those who require more in-depth instruction on RadiantOne, the three-day course is recommended. The three-day course covers advanced view and security design techniques, and details on how to deploy, monitor, and administer RadiantOne in production.

Course Location Time Start Date End Date
RadiantOne FID Online/Remote 9am to 5pm 11/8/2021 11/10/2021
RadiantOne ICS 9am to 5pm 11/11/2021 11/12/2021