Identiverse 2019


We’re looking forward to this year’s Identiverse Summit. People, applications and devices are gravitating toward a digital world where they all recognize and interact with each other. This digital world is being built on a foundation of identity security designed by a community of people with a shared vision, from technologists and practitioners to thought leaders and end users. This is the identiverse. What started ten years ago as the Cloud Identity Summit has evolved to something much bigger. It lives and breathes every day. And once a year it really shines. It summons the brightest minds in identity and security to gather and share the tools, technology and best practices that are built for today and the future. The identiverse positions enterprises to realize the full potential of a digital economy—one where identity unlocks uncompromising digital experiences that are secure and seamless for everyone.

Let’s Get Together — Booth#300

Are you going to be at Identiverse? We’d love to schedule some time to meet, answer your questions, and talk about the challenges you face in your identity and access management projects. If you’re interested in learning more about how RadiantOne FID can help bridge your identity to the cloud, we are happy to schedule a one-on-one meeting for you with one of our experts at Identiverse.

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We’ve Got Your Discount Code

As a Diamond Sponsor, Radiant Logic is excited to provide a $250 off registration discount, which can be redeemed by using the promo code “Radiant250” when obtaining your pass.


“Go right to… Ludicrous Speed:” Transforming Identity at Thomson Reuters

In 2017, Thomson Reuters recognized the need to transform their internal IAM platforms, and processes and thus a 3-5-year journey began, modernizing Governance, Authorization, and Authentication.

In 2018, TR sold ~50% of its company to Blackstone. Much of the legacy centralized IAM platforms went with the sale. Our multi-year journey was now reduced to about 14 months. While our timelines are bold, our team is presented with a career defining opportunity of replacing all of the Identity systems, at the same time, for a global company with thousands of applications and ~35K employees and contractors.

While still in the middle of this journey, Ryan Boulais, VP of Shared Security Services at Thomson Reuters, will discuss the intricacies of obtaining Senior Executive and Board level buy-in for the transformation, finding both internal and external allies/partners to support the IAM cause, developing a detailed enough plan to begin execution, and using federated identity solutions to move at “Ludicrous Speed.”

  • Speaker: Ryan Boulais, VP of Shared Security Services at Thomson Reuters
  • When: Wednesday, June 26 – 4:25PM – 4:50PM
  • Where: Cabinet Room

Getting to a Single Identity – The Journey at TD Bank

TD Bank wanted to create a more streamlined process for managing identities in legacy systems that maintained their own identity stores.

David Villalobos, Senior IAM Engineer at TD Bank, will outline their journey in leveraging a Federated Identity Service to achieve their future goals while respecting their existing legacy.

This session will provide real-life examples and lessons learned on the mechanics as well as the value of getting to a single identity in a very distributed environment.

  • Speaker: David Villalobos, Senior Engineer at TD Bank
  • When: Wednesday, June 26 – 5:00PM – 5:25PM
  • Where: Cabinet Room

Panel: Eliminating Integration as the Roadblock to Every Project with a Federated Identity and Directory Service

According to Gartner, identity integration continues to be a top concern for Gartner clients migrating to the cloud. But identity integration is an issue that impacts many other initiatives as well. Every new application, major acquisition, reorg, or identity project suffers from the need to integrate into the existing identity infrastructure. In this session, panelists will outline their experiences in using a Federated Identity and Directory Service to eliminate integration as the roadblock for their initiatives.

  • Speakers: Davis Arora, Integrated Security Director at Honeywell | Todd Oxford, Senior Security Director at Equifax
  • Moderator: Dieter Schuller, Vice President of Business Development at Radiant Logic, Inc.
  • When: Wednesday, June 26 – 5:35PM – 6:00PM
  • Where: Cabinet Room

Master Workshop Classes

Workshop 1: Thriving in a Hybrid World

The Cloud may promise the beautiful future everyone is moving towards, but a hybrid ecosystem blending Cloud and on-premise will be the reality for most enterprises for years to come. In this session, Radiant Logic will discuss how a federated identity and directory service creates flexibility in your infrastructure to address today’s immediate needs while setting you up for tomorrow’s future identity initiatives, including syncing and provisioning to Cloud directories. Clean up, normalize, and correlate your data before you move to the Cloud. Create a single logical place to authenticate users and retrieve a global view of attributes and group information that spans on-premise and Cloud applications. Provision to Cloud applications and directories by syncing a global reference image. Save time and frustration by simplifying the management of users and groups. Seamlessly incorporate partners, vendors, and contractors into your hybrid environment and optimize your current infrastructure for a hybrid and Cloud world—without breaking your legacy systems.

  • Speaker: Wade Ellery, Director, Solution Architects at Radiant Logic
  • When: Tuesday, June 25 @ 9:15am – 10:05am
  • Where: Cabinet

Workshop 2: Acting on Digital Transformation: Delivering Speed and Experience to Your Customers

Speed, scale and a unified experience—it’s the holy grail of customer-centric IAM. Done well, CIAM offers an identity-focused, tailored approach to each individual customer. But to take full advantage of the identity information you have for each user—without compromising security—companies have to deal with some daunting challenges, including increased complexity in the technology stack, and the fact that identity data is spread across a broad range of offline and internal systems, many of which are cloud-based. In this session, Radiant Logic will address why building a normalized view of identity is the first step in any CIAM initiative.Create a virtualized identity hub to store user information with a big-data directoryBuild a 360 degree view of the customer of attributes from across the identity infrastructureBridge the gap between customer profiles and security through virtualization Enhance user information and experience through context.

  • Speaker: Wade Ellery, Director, Solution Architects at Radiant Logic
  • When: Tuesday, June 25 @ 10:30am -11:20am
  • Where: Cabinet

Workshop 3: Implementing the Future of IdM

We’ll start this session by putting stakes in the ground as to where identity management is heading in the next five years. The analyst team at TechVision Research believes that that the future state of IAM must be more inclusive, context-aware, user-centric, and support diverse object types and expanding privacy requirements. As business leaders aspire to become more nimble and prepare for “safe” digital transformation, IAM systems and services will be tested in unprecedented ways. Enterprises must be planning for this now. Any enterprise architecting and prioritizing IT investments over the next several years needs to pay careful attention to the Identity and Access Management category.Join Radiant Logic and TechVision Research in this session to learn how to build a roadmap towards digital transformation. This session will address the top 10 trends in identity management, specific foundational enterprise IAM recommendations from TechVision Research, and actionable insights from Radiant Logic about how to deploy a federated identity and directory service.

  • Speakers: Gary Rowe, CEO/Principal Consulting Analyst at TechVision Research and Wade Ellery, Director, Solution Architects at Radiant Logic
  • When: Thursday, June 27 @ 11:30am – 12:20pm
  • Where: Cabinet

Event Booth Session Date Location
Identiverse #300 June 25 – 28 Washington Hilton
1919 Connecticut Ave, Washington, DC