• Federated Identity Service

    Federated Identity Service

    Finally, a 360-Degree View of Identity
    RadiantOne combines the best of meta and virtual directories—along with HDAP, the world's first Big Data-driven directory—to deliver identity as a foundational security service. Now you can:
    • Integrate and federate you identity sources into a common hub.
    • Broker authentication for your portal, federations, and applications.
    • Deliver attributes and rich profiles for smarter security policies.
    • Migrate and modernize your aging directory infrastructure.
  • Federation


    Is Something Stalling Your Federation?
    As a federation partner or the endpoint for Software-as-a-Service applications, your enterprise is an Identity Provider. But all those identity silos are slowing your roll. Rev up with RadiantOne—we go the last mile into identity and authentication silos, delivering the single point of access you need for smarter SSO and richer authorization.
  • Cloud


    New Cloud Apps Piling Up?
    Evolve your identity to provide on-premise SSO to an infinite number of new cloud applications, from email to CRM. Our federated identity service creates a common layer that’s the perfect Identity Provider for any federation tool—or you can add our Cloud Federation Service for a one-stop solution.
  • Directory Migration

    Directory Migration

    Sun Setting on Your LDAP Infrastructure?
    Move your data without breaking a sweat—migrate from your aging infrastructure to our complete virtualized solution. RadiantOne offers in-place replacement, with full synchronization logic and a best-of-breed open source LDAP directory. So say goodbye to all those licensing and maintenance fees—and hello to a more flexible future!
  • Web Access Management

    Web Access Management

    Is Extending Your Portal a Security Risk?
    Don’t put your portal security in peril, rebuilding your infrastructure every time you add new populations. Now you can integrate as you go, adding new identity stores without costly custom coding. With RadiantOne, it’s easy to extend SSO to new audiences and deliver finer-grained authorization for new or existing applications.

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Radiant Products

RadiantOne Products
RadiantOne Federated Identity System features three products designed to solve your toughest integration challenges, combining the best of enterprise, meta, and virtual directories to deliver identity as a federated service.

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Solve a Problem

Solve a Problem
RadiantOne is fast, flexible, and fundamental to ROI across any identity project, including SSO for SiteMinder and cloud, federation, directory migration, SharePoint, and getting more from Active Directory.

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Upcoming Events

Radiant Logic Events
Find out what’s happening at Radiant—join us at the next identity conference, build your skills at a training, or dive deep into industry trends and virtualization technologies with our webinars.

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The Radiant Difference

  1. 1
    Data modeling
    Radiant builds a global model to logically connect all aspects of identity and context across multiple data sources.

  2. 2
    Advanced caching technology
    Our persistent cache renders and persists the global data model—or series of materialized hierarchical views—without slowing query performance with complex joins and searches across multiple data sources. Such a solution enriches your views and scales across consistently high volumes.

  3. 3
    Identity synchronization & correlation
    Our offline identity correlation engine features transaction and synchronization support.

  4. 4
    Context management
    Radiant’s groundbreaking Context Builder detects and represents contextual information from across your application and data silos, delivering a deeper understanding of how all your enterprise information interrelates.

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