What is composable architecture?

The ability to swap out architectural components in an enterprise architecture. A composable architecture creates flexibility and allows for a best-of-breed infrastructure.

A composable approach to business means designing an infrastructure that is responsive and adaptable–a must in an uncertain environment. Gartner Symposium’s 2020 keynote address said that creating resilience via the principles of composability was one of the key features of a successful business.

From a technical perspective, it includes an emphasis on standards based protocols, a rich set of APIs to enhance interoperability, and on containers to package applications.

A composable architecture, which allows you to change in and out various parts with little disruption, is based on interoperability across different components. An Identity Fabric is supposed to be secure, composable and distributed, to help organizations evolve their IAM architecture from siloed tools and processes to a more cohesive, flexible infrastructure.

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