Integrating Identity for M&A Success

Following a merger or acquisition, there’s too much of everything, from applications to user identity stores. Deciding which applications will be used going forward and how to ensure access across disparate organizations and diverse identity repositories is a very difficult proposition. In fact, many companies never get their underlying act together, relying on brittle customizations and customer-unfriendly work-arounds instead of deep integrations that enable seamless authentication and authorization.

When companies merge with or acquire another firm, there are many IT security decisions that need to be made quickly in order to achieve complete integration of the new “Future State” of the company. Whether a company’s goals are internal only, or have been promised to Wall Street, achieving those goals is a complex matter that can take years—and is often never fully completed. Most options for merging companies are neither swift nor simple.

Some companies provision users into more identity repositories, compounding an already messy situation and leading to increased data proliferation where:

  • Password security becomes a huge issue, since users have to remember even more passwords, leading to more help desk calls, more login prompts, and increased security risk.
  • Hardware, software, licensing and administration costs also continue to rise because of the dependency on redundant identity repositories, making it even more difficult to decommission these silos in the future.

Other companies opt to consolidate their AD environment, which is a lengthy and expensive approach that averages three or more years to complete and:

  • Eliminates the autonomy of previously separated business units.
  • Requires hardcoding of essential non-AD attributes including LDAP, SQL, and APIs.

Smart companies integrate identities using RadiantOne FID’s virtualized integration layer, then provision, host, and sync this perfected image of identity wherever it’s needed with HDAP, the Big Data Directory. This makes it fast and easy to achieve your “future state” identity in days and weeks instead of months and years.

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