Simplify Authentication for SSO

Virtualize Identity for Better WAM/Portal Authentication

If identities were stored in a single repository, finding and authenticating a user would be a relatively easy process. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. Typically, there are many user stores for all the different constituents—employees, partners, customers, suppliers—in your enterprise. These data sources can range from LDAP to SQL, and even web services. Most applications aren’t equipped to search a variety of identity repositories, let alone handle the cases where the same user is returned multiple times in a search. Even if they were, the time required to handle such a complex identification process makes it inefficient and impractical.

The only solution for such a multifaceted infrastructure is to integrate all the identity information to create a clean global list of all your users for the identification phase of authentication, while delegating the credential checking back to the authoritative sources. RadiantOne FID federated identity and directory service unifies disparate data sources and identity profiles into a single namespace, delivered to your applications in whatever format they need—all at the speed of a directory. Using RadiantOne FID, you can build “virtual views” that provide federated access to the different authentication sources as a single, unified directory service. This provides your WAM/Portal SSO solution with the single identity source it needs for fast, secure authorization.

With RadiantOne FID you can add new user populations easily, evolve your portal, and provide smarter security in the cloud.

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