Unify Metadata & Query Globally

Building All the Views You Need

With RadiantOne FID, companies can publish information directly out of their existing data silos and then share this data across the enterprise. The first step is to establish a connection to each data silo and inventory the metadata, which allows us to understand how each data source defines the objects and relationships it contains.

Unify Metadata

Once the global data model is built, identities can be correlated (even if no common key exists in the sources) and the registry is created. This is the basis for building the global profile with attributes pulled from the native data silos.

Finally, different views of the data are created to serve the needs of the different business people. The views can be based on the existing relationships across the data sources.

Query Globally

Because the views are dynamic and you can create as many different views as needed, decision makers are better equipped to respond quickly to ever-changing business demands.

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