Search & Browse Contextually

Discover Context Across Silos

It’s easy to search for all kinds of information that’s indexed in unstructured documents, such as HTML or text—just enter a term into your favorite search and you get nearly instant results. But this has been impossible in the structured data world of applications and databases.

Searching Structured Data Across Silos

Until now, there’s been no mechanism to search across data silos in a uniform way—and the contextual data they contain is vital intelligence for your business users. While the transactions and information in your databases and applications may only account for 10% of the data in your enterprise, they comprise 80% of its value. In fact, the contextual information caught within these systems lies at the heart of your ability to reach customers and grow your business.

New Tools for Finding Context

RadiantOne FID bridges this divide by offering a simple way to search and browse across both your documents and the structured data that’s locked in your enterprise application stores—so you can access everything and see it all in context. An innovative web-based application, Context Browser enables users to search and browse contextually across the structured information locked inside your databases, directories, and web services.

By leveraging contextual information gathered and virtualized by RadiantOne FID, Context Brower links structured data scattered across databases and applications, extracting metadata from applications and representing it in a common data model—plain English sentences. When a user enters a keyword, the Context Browser returns not only the object matching the search but also the context in which it appeared. For each match, the Context Browser returns a set of sentences and forms describing the context and giving the details about the object matching the searched keyword.

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