Discover & Represent Context

Freeing Context from Your Application Silos

The virtualization of identity and context began in the identity and access management space, but it has potential to create an even bigger impact beyond the security realm. Just as RadiantOne enables you to externalize identity out of data sources and represent it in the form of LDAP for security, it can also be used to liberate contextual data from the constraints of data silos—and make it accessible to business people.

With our groundbreaking context virtualization capabilities, you can now make contextual connections across once-siloed data. Externalizing context out of your existing data silos will empower finer-grained authorization and security, and it will also drive a world of context- driven initiatives that will enhance your relationship with customers—everything from profile management to personalized offers, context-aware applications, and more.

A View Across Silos—Written in Plain English

With RadiantOne, companies can publish information directly out of their existing data silos and then share this data across the enterprise. Context virtualization delivers a single version of the truth, where all systems can be linked and represented in a common model that is updated in real-time—giving you a global view of all your business processes. This solution is an active representation of an ever-changing world, delivered in a way that any business user can understand: plain English sentences.

Context virtualization publishes information out of application silos by dynamically generating English sentences out of application metadata. Those sentences are organized into meaningful views acting as contextual links across business processes. This enables information to be searched, retrieved across application silos and updated in the correct context.

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