Context-Driven Identity

Immediate ROI for Your Customer-Facing Initiatives

The need for a global system of identity is not limited to the world of security or directories. Whether you need to build a single view of your customers or you’re trying to deliver rich context-driven services by extracting information from existing silos, you need a solution that gives you a global view of identity and context, while allowing you to enforce security and make updates at the local level.

From Data Silos to an Identity and Context Service

Although the initial challenge is managing identity for security and privacy, the rise of the silos—and the difficulty of integrating across them—affects every aspect of your business information. As enterprise IT has matured, more of your business-critical data is being managed in specialized application silos. While silos are excellent at collecting, maintaining and organizing information locally for a specific domain, integrating data across them is a huge technical challenge.

This lack of coordination across silos has high costs for your enterprise:

  • Data fragmentation and missing insight into critical business processes
  • Reduced productivity and higher costs
  • Inconsistent or poor service in areas such as customer support, logistics, and workflow
  • High risks in critical activities, such as healthcare, defense, security, and intelligence

At Radiant, we view identity and context as a service, enabling enterprises to get a complete and contextual view of their information—essential for targeting upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and improving operational efficiency. The same virtualization platform that enables enterprises to manage identity globally, while enforcing security locally, can also deliver both identity and context as a complementary service for many of your other initiatives.

Identity and context virtualization is a model-driven solution that enables your enterprise to:

  • Discover and represent context: Extract and join data from distributed silos to reveal the ever-changing context that reflects your business—written in plain English sentences.
  • Deliver context-aware services: Link identities to context across application silos and open up a new world of context-aware service that can help drive increased productivity and profitability.
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