Cloud SSO & Provisioning

Your On-Ramp to Secure Cloud Access & Cloud Directory Provisioning

As the move to the cloud accelerates, there are multiple security and access implications for your identity infrastructure. This shift began with the need to provision identities to SaaS applications, such as Salesforce or Workday. The advent of Office 365 means that hosting and syncing your AD domains and forests with a cloud directory such as Microsoft Azure AD is a new business imperative—and the move to the cloud does not end there. More organizations are beginning to shift some—or all—of their Linux/Unix applications from data centers to cloud infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). So the need for hosting and syncing identity into some form of cloud directory for authentication and authorization is also becoming a high priority. The RadiantOne FID platform is tailored to make cloud and directory provisioning into a seamless and easy process.

Advanced Virtualization Enables Secure Cloud Access

RadiantOne increases the security and efficiency of authentication and authorization processes, in the cloud, on premises, and in hybrid environments. You can federate access with our IdP, RadiantOne CFS, and federate identity with our federated identity and directory service, RadiantOne FID. Together, the two products offer full identity integration that allows you to take maximum advantage of the cloud. RadiantOne FID also works with other federation solutions such as Okta, Ping Federate, and ADFS.

By integrating identity and attributes from across data siloes, RadiantOne FID builds and maintains a global list of users that is curated dynamically across all enterprise systems, then maps that data to meet the needs of each consuming application.

This federated identity and directory layer:

  1. Inventories your current data sources, extracting and unifying the metadata to create a common object model.
  2. Aggregates and correlates identities to build a unique reference list.
  3. Joins identities to create global profiles with attributes drawn from across all sources.
  4. Rationalizes groups, to speed logins and access.
  5. Caches views of identity in our Big Data Directory to add speed and scalability.

With RadiantOne FID, RadiantOne CFS (or other IdP) can authenticate against a rational, common view of identity, while each user store maintains autonomy over its own data. Any changes are synchronized automatically, in as close to real-time as possible. By keeping track of all users and their associated identity information, including multiple or overlapping usernames, this layer enables fast, accurate authentication and authorization for all your applications—including those on the web or in the cloud.

RadiantOne Big Data Directory Enables You to Provision and Sync to Cloud Directories

While our advanced virtualization layer makes it easy to create a global reference image of your identity to seed and sync with cloud directories, HDAP, our Big Data Directory provides the perfect target directory, no matter which environment you’re targeting. Some companies are making a move to Azure AD to better secure Office 365, while others require a more neutral environment such as Amazon Web Services, where they can provision and sync all identities—including AD identities and profiles—within our big data-driven LDAP v3 directory.

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