Easy-to-use Admin Console for designing topologies, or graphical representations of synchronization flows. The GUI is built into Eclipse, offering a complete environment for configuration, custom scripting, and debugging.

Wizard-driven task lists to simplify the design of point-to-point topologies, as well as complex identity correlation topologies.

Synchronization Monitoring Console is web-based and monitors the status of topology components (capture/apply connectors and transformations) and tracks how many messages have been processed by each.

Complete set of out-of-the-box change capture and apply connectors for detecting and applying changes for any LDAP, JDBC, or web service data source.

Virtual Identity Hub (VIH) which establishes a common index and reference list for all identities. This user registry is fully integrated with bi-directional connectors to ensure data accuracy as native data silos add/remove identities.

Global Profile Builder leverages the user registry maintained in the VIH to dynamically join correlated identities and create global profile views.

Dig Deeper:

  • ICS Brochure: Product overview of RadiantOne Identity Correlation and Synchronization Server.