RadiantOne ICS

RadiantOne Identity Correlation and Synchronization Server

Built on RadiantOne virtualization technology, ICS provides two key services to your identity infrastructure: object synchronization and identity correlation.

Object synchronization keeps identity data coherent across enterprise systems. To avoid inconsistencies and erroneous data, ICS detects changes in data sources and propagates these changes according to customized business logic. Necessary data transformations are made and updates are made by JMS/ESB to guarantee delivery.

Identity correlation creates a unified view of identity data across multiple systems necessary for a comprehensive IdM infrastructure, identifying intersections and eliminating overlaps. ICS establishes relationships between identities in heterogeneous data sources. Identities are indexed and stored into the RadiantOne HDAP Directory to create a global unique identifier. This highly scalable directory storage can be used along with synchronization services to provide flexible meta-directory functionality at a lower cost.

RadiantOne ICS

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  • ICS Brochure: Product overview of RadiantOne Identity Correlation and Synchronization Server.