HDAP, the RadiantOne Big Data Directory

In-Place Directory Migration:

  • House legacy data: Big Data Directory is the perfect highly-available identity repository for housing data from legacy directories and other sourcesno more maintenance fees for aging infrastructures.

High Speed and Scalability, Fault Tolerance, and Data Integrity:

  • High availability in and across clusters via Single Cluster/Intra-Cluster Block Replication or Inter-Cluster Multi-Master Replication.
  • Better throughput/fault tolerance: By replicating in and across clusters, you ensure RadiantOne Big Data Directory will respond quickly and always be available to clients. Even if one node is down, another will be up and running immediately to take its place.
  • Scalability: Accommodate hundreds of millions of users or queries.
  • Elasticity: Easily scale up and down as needed.
  • Incremental backup: An HDAP store can be backed up without service interruption. The backup process saves only what has been changed since the last backup, for greater speed and efficiency
  • Ensured block replication: Transactions are applied on all core nodes, instead of a single node.

Context Delivery and High-Speed Search:

  • Context server: Now unstructured and structured data can finally work together. HDAP indexes the semantic meaning of structured data and gives it the flexibility and scalability of unstructured text search via Lucene.
  • Keyword search: RadiantOne Big Data Directory is like Google for enterprise identity and context data, allowing search via natural keywords.
  • High speed/performance: Use the latest technology in term of indexing and search with incremental indexing and efficient search algorithms.
  • Fast search on all attributes: Searching on multiple attributes is a piece of cake for inverted indexes.
Dig Deeper:

  • Download the RadiantOne Big Data Directory overview paper.