Key Capabilities

Link Your Enterprise to the Cloud in a Secure, Logical, and Easy-to-Manage Way

CFS delivers smarter and easier identity management for the cloud:

  • Federated authentication across all sources: With many different identity sources and authentication methods, delegating login to the right source is a complex task. CFS, combined with RadiantOne FID, provides cloud applications with a single, virtual source for identity data, transparently forwarding authentication to each identity source. This provides single sign-on (SSO) to users across different AD domains and forests for multiple cloud applications.
  • Support for multi-tenancy: CFS allows companies to host third-party identity data on premises. This provides access to new user populations such as partners, contractors, or vendors and turns your enterprise into an IdP.
  • Easy Microsoft integration: RadiantOne FID and CFS can integrate identity information across AD domains and forests without managing multiple trust relationships, so integrating Microsoft into the rest of your infrastructure is a breeze.
  • Enhanced security: Cloud security is a critical concern, both for your users and your business. With RadiantOne FID, credential checking stays local, and claims are encrypted and sent over SSL, ensuring that private information stays that way. And because authentication is managed in one central place, auditing is easy and security breaches are greatly reduced. CFS’s Level of Assurance (LOA) and Circle of Trust features add more layers of access control, enabling authorization decisions based on the levels you assign to authentication methods and applications, and user authentication locations.”
  • Reduced synchronization and password/credential management: Rather than implement complex synchronization solutions to accommodate new applications and their specific protocol and authentication requirements, RadiantOne allows you to extend identities from your existing identity stores to the cloud.
  • Finer-grained authorization: A more complete user profile means finer-grained authorization policies. Since CFS comes pre-integrated with RadiantOne virtualization, you can use claims attributes coming from multiple authentication systems.
  • A more scalable infrastructure: CFS offers a flexible deployment to meet both your current and future needs. You no longer need to add another directory just to authenticate users who are already stored in AD. CFS turns your identity sources into a powerful identity provider, to deliver complete user profiles based on all your authentication sources.

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