Report: The Future of Identity Management 2021

The Future of Identity Management 2021-2026

Authors: Gary Rowe, Doug Simmons

2020 saw the Digital Enterprise advance from an aspirational goal to a means of survival in many large enterprises. 2020 was a year in which most organizations were tested; 2021 and beyond should leverage the lessons learned in developing a sustainable IAM foundation.

TechVision Research just released an update on their popular “Future of Identity Management” document incorporating many of the lessons learned during the 2020 pandemic. This highly actionable report is designed to support enterprise technology infrastructure, and help organizations to build a vision for a secure and manageable digital future.

This report includes TechVision Research’s “Top Twelve List” of the key areas to focus on as you develop your IAM strategies, architectures and roadmaps. It also offers concrete steps to help you adapt to change, and plan the next five years.

Download the updated TechVision enterprise IAM strategic action plan today.