Report: The Future of Identity Management 2018

The Future of Identity Management

Authors: Gary Rowe, Doug Simmons, Nick Nikols

TechVision Research just released a highly actionable report on the future of Identity Management, and we’re excited to be able to share it with you for free.

This independent IAM study is designed to help enterprise identity, security, and application leaders develop well-founded identity management strategies. The TechVision Future of Identity Management report opens by examining overarching technology and business trends impacting organizations over the next five-year period. Next, the report focuses on specific identity-related trends, making recommendations for “future-proofing” IAM technology and process. TechVision concludes that, done right, IAM is one of the most important elements of an enterprise’s digital transformation program.

What does the future hold for IAM? Areas of focus include securely managing IoT objects, scaling identity services, developing greater contextual awareness, IAM and security synergies, microservices/blockchain-based Identity, privacy solutions, needed improvements in IGA, and the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This promising future must, as TechVision explains, be built upon a solid architectural foundation that provides openness, flexibility, portability, and external data connectivity—an architecture capable of supporting the expanding use cases for IAM. Ultimately, the report concludes, identity needs to be a utility which is served up—as needed. This report offers concrete steps from top thought leaders and Identity Management to help you plan the next three to five years.

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