Report: Developing a CIAM Strategy and Roadmap

Developing a Customer IAM (CIAM) Strategy and Roadmap

Authors: Gary Rowe, Doug Simmons, and David Goodman of TechVision Research

CIAM, or customer identity and access management, is one of the most important elements of any digital transformation program. CIAM is often the first “touch point” an organization has with a prospect and is an ongoing reflection of a brand. Get CIAM right and you will attract customers, drive revenue and represent your organization in the best light; get it wrong and your business will suffer.

In this report, the analysts at TechVision Research provide a foundation for enterprises looking to build an IAM foundation to support the engagement of customers, prospective customers and external stakeholders in the context of business goals.

This report covers:

  • The CIAM value proposition and business rationale for the enterprise
  • How to develop a CIAM strategy and action plan
  • The CIAM market and vendor short list
  • Recommendations and next steps

Download this complimentary report to take the first steps towards your CIAM strategy.