Practical Guide: Better Web Access Management Through Virtualization

Can Your Existing CA Single Sign-On Infrastructure Keep Up with Changing Business Requirements?

A Federated Identity Service Makes it Easy to Add New Audiences, Applications, and Attributes.

Heterogeneity is a fact of life in today’s enterprises. Identities and attributes are scattered across disparate data silos, each with its own schema and protocol. In order to achieve true web SSO and access management, identities must be integrated across these diverse data stores and a user profile created using attributes drawn from these sources. This means complex and costly deployments every time you want to extend access to a new audience, add a new application, or bring in more attributes to define finer-grained policies that reflect how your business really runs. Without a federated identity service based on virtualization, it’s not easy to authenticate across diverse user bases, authorize the appropriate access to each resource, or extend your infrastructure to take advantage of new opportunities. Learn more about our WAM/Portal solutions →


Better Web Access Management Through Virtualization