Case Study: Healthcare Industry 2

Day One Readiness: Using RadiantOne FID to Prepare for M&A

How One Major Healthcare Provider Paved the Way for a Major Merger

The healthcare industry is consolidating, with many mergers and acquisitions occurring all the time. This leads to critical issues when trying to integrate new identities into an existing infrastructure while enabling access across all stakeholders—both internal and external. Often, the merger or acquisition is already underway when IT discovers the issues of integrating identity infrastructures. But when one massive healthcare organization decided to acquire another healthcare company, its security team knew it needed a way to enable access to applications essential to each organization for diverse stakeholders across the identity infrastructure of both two organizations. Before the deal went through, this company decided it needed to be ready to federate identities from across both infrastructures, creating a rationalized identity hub that hosts a global list of all users, as well as global profiles for each user, containing all their attributes—no matter where or how they’re stored.


Healthcare Industry