Case Study: Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Modernizing Infrastructure to Prepare for a “Cloud-First” Future

Using RadiantOne to Migrate Away from Aging Assets, Save Money, and Streamline Security

For one consumer goods manufacturer, an aging identity infrastructure was holding back efforts to evolve to more modern architectures. With internal identities secured via a now-unsupported Critical Path metadirectory, as well as a variety of aging directories and databases, the company needed a SHA-2 compliant way forward that strengthened its existing security while preparing for a move to the cloud. The goal was a modern directory infrastructure flexible enough to meet authentication and authorization needs as they evolved to a cloud-based future. An extensive POC showed that RadiantOne would respect the existing identity structure of groups and individuals, reducing the complexity of transitioning from Critical Path while supporting other investments—SailPoint, CA SSO/SiteMinder, Microsoft AD, and eventually Ping—and enabling cloud-driven future investments.


Consumer Goods Manufacturer