Integrate and Provide SSO to the Cloud

Support SSO and enable fine-grained profile management, both across the enterprise and in the cloud.

Simplify Authentication for SSO: Virtualize Identity for Better WAM/Portal Authentication.
Building a Federated Identity Service—The Key to Seamless SSO: How Federation + Federated Identity Provide a Simple Solution for Authentication, Authorization, and SSO in Challenging Identity Environments.

Solution Summary—Managing Identity For The Cloud: Secure Cloud Applications Without Disrupting Your Enterprise Identity Infrastructure.

Solution Summary—Enabling Claims-Based Identity Services: Federate Identity for Cloud-Based Applications and Provide SSO Across AD Domains & Other Identity Stores.

Simplify Cloud Access and Provisioning with a Federated Identity Service: This webinar explores the challenges of connecting your enterprise to cloud applications and how RadiantOne Federated Identity and Directory Service can help. By consolidating your multiple on-premises identity sources, RadiantOne simplifies both SSO and provisioning to your cloud applications.

How to Federate Access & Identity Together for a Complete IdP: Learn how federating the identity sources behind your IdP can simplify the deployment and extend the scope of your SSO to multiple identity sources with support for smarter and richer attribute-based policies.