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RadiantOne Federated Identity and Directory Service Product Evaluation

RadiantOne is designed to solve your toughest identity integration challenges, combining the best of enterprise, meta, and virtual directories to deliver identity as a federated service. As the engine of this federated identity and directory service, our RadiantOne FID product line-up delivers everything from simple directory aggregation to a complete data model-driven solution for identity integration and context management. Once RadiantOne FID rationalizes your identity environment, our Cloud Federation Service (CFS) connects this federated identity to the cloud.

RadiantOne FID: Federated Identity and Directory Service

Our flagship product, RadiantOne FID is a complete solution for identity and context integration, scalable for high-volume, heterogeneous environments. RadiantOne FID uses virtualization to create a complete identity and directory service for mission-critical initiatives. By providing a single unified view of all of your user populations, RadiantOne FID enables authentication, authorization, audit, and profile management for security initiatives, including WAM, portal SSO, federation, and other sophisticated IdM initiatives.

RadiantOne CFS: The Cloud Connector

RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service enables a secure federated infrastructure, creating one access and audit point to connect all your internal identity and authentication sources to the growing world of cloud applications. CFS acts as a secure token service, (STS), gathering the requested attributes and building an encrypted claim in the form that the application understands. CFS can securely deliver claims to many of today’s mission-critical applications, including WebEx, Sharepoint 2010, Google apps, Salesforce, and Jive.

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