Smart Integration for the Healthcare Identity Environment

Deliver Simpler SSO, Smarter Authorization, and Easier M&A with RadiantOne FID

Growing healthcare organizations face considerable diversity in their IT infrastructures, yet need to leverage identity across all local systems for global initiatives and applications. In such complex, hybrid environments, identity must be carefully managed—and intelligent integration without rigid over-centralization is essential to delivering a secure and user-friendly access experience.

Integrate and Federate Identity Without Disrupting Your Business

For patients and providers, security and privacy require an integrated view of identity that’s driven by context—the foundation for providing both the right user experience and appropriate information disclosure. However, delivering this integrated view has been challenging due to the fragmentation of identity across multiple sources—AD, SQL, LDAP, APIs—and the relationships of identities with key applications, such as Epic, Kronos and Cerner.

As consolidations, mergers, and acquisitions/divestitures become the “new normal” in the healthcare sector, companies are searching for ways to ensure smooth, secure business processes and unified deployment of enterprise applications across disparate segments within today’s often-global organization.


RadiantOne FID is a federated identity and directory service based on virtualization that can track user identities across devices, systems, and applications—then bring them all back together again, giving you one logical place for Access Management, EMRs and other essential applications.


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