Webinar: 2/25/2021

The Role of Identity Integration and Normalization in Successful Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Deployments

Organizations that simplify their existing identity infrastructures with identity integration and normalization have a much higher chance of ensuring the success of their IGA deployments. This is true for both new IGA deployments and for existing ones.

It’s easy to see why most IGA deployments are hampered by complexity in the identity infrastructure. The tasks involved in IGA are multifaceted and closely connected with the state of the infrastructure. They include:

  • Identity analytics and reporting
  • Fulfillment and connectors
  • Policy and role management
  • Access and request certification
  • Identity lifecycle

It follows that IGA implementations that start with an organized, normalized identity infrastructure will face fewer obstacles. And this is exactly what RadiantOne FID can provide.

In this webinar, you will learn more on this issue and to learn how federated identity is helping transform internal IAM platforms and processes to ensure successful IGA deployments.

This webinar will feature two special guests from Comcast Corporation: Rajnish (Raj) Bhatia, Executive Director of Enterprise and B2B IAM and Pankaj Khatri, Director for Identity and Access Governance. The Comcast team will provide details on how RadiantOne is supporting Comcast’s IGA program.

When you combine RadiantOne federated identity and directory service with an IGA solution such as SailPoint you can get an end-to-end identity solution that provides high security and efficient governance and administration across your organization. In this session, we will review how RadiantOne can be used to “pre-integrate” identity data from diverse sources, creating complete user profiles that can then be efficiently governed and administrated by IGA products.

Using RadiantOne as a data source, the IGA solution aggregates “pre-integrated” and rationalized user identity data from RadiantOne, processes it, and pushes it out to the end points for provisioning.

RadiantOne can also virtualize an IGA solution’s database and transform the data, providing a single definitive directory for LDAP applications and WAM/portal applications to use for authentication and authorization.

Together, RadiantOne and IGA deliver key business value—identity governance and administration including provisioning and synchronization to the cloud. By integrating RadiantOne with an IGA solution, companies and organizations can leverage existing identity-consolidation investments to deploy governance and improve security for critical applications. Join us to learn all the details.

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2021
Speakers: Rajnish (Raj) Bhatia, Executive Director of Enterprise and B2B IAM; Pankaj Khatri, Director for Identity and Access Governance at Comcast Corporation; and Wade Ellery, Senior Solutions Architect with Radiant Logic

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